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I hope you are well, because today I have good and fresh news.

So, our company, ALL STARS MOTORSPORT, decide to renew our site because we think our you diserve the best.

This is another investement from our company, we like keep doing the best so that our customers felt in home too.

And guess what, all those Banners are made by our team, the team of Marketing.

We do the best to keep doing a great design of our site, but now on it´s your site too.

For now you can see a blind photo but if you click in this link you can see the new site. 

Click and see how cool it looks.


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Hello and welcome.

We have excellent news today.

We gonna show you our new team member, BRAND NEW!

We already showed the Honda Civic Type R FK2 but now its totaly different, first of all is german and has a M badge…

Another investment from All Stars Motorsport, we like to test the products on our own cars. This BMW will bring us alot of possibilities to test and approve various types of products.

For now you can see some quick photos we did just to show you guys how cool it looks.

We will keep you updated on Instagram and Facebook about the upgrades and modifications that we gonna do to this baby boy

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Hello again blog, ready for some news?

Well, today I’m gonna talk about NEUSPEED wheels.

I think you know how good this product is. Let’s start to tell you that this wheels have good caracteristics, for exemple, it’s a strong and lightweight with very clean design. This brand worries about any detail.

Those wheels will perfectly match with the OEM components of your VAG.

We have this wheels in five colors to select in order to perfectly match with your paintjob.

I’ll give you some caracteristics of this product to show you how good is this product.


-5 colors to select

-Size 18 x 8.5

-PCD 5×112 – Offset +45 – Direct bore 57.1mm

-Weight 9kg vs 12kg for OEM 18″ Audi

-Can be installed without spacers with most big brake kits

-Compatible with OEM TMPS

-Fits OEM bolts

-Compatible with OEM wheels caps Audi 4B0601170 and VW 3B7601171

-Made in USA



Today we had a very busy day. We set up an admission to our new team member, our HONDA CIVIC  TYPE R FK2. The marketing team had the interest to collaborate in this process and registered the moments. So I leave a small slide with some images recorded that day with a brief explanation of how this EVENTURI equipment works.
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Today we have the best day of the year, the marketing team has a lot to do with our customers. We have lot of fun and the best results of work, we can do the best and laugh at the same time. We work with a very important and well completed brand, and always keep in stock on our ALL STARS MOTORSPORT website, well, we call ARMYTRIX. So, I’ll show you a real work team and some pictures.

I call this productive and funny days.

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Hello again blog, today I speak of a new member of our team, our HONDA CIVIC TYPE R, beautiful isn’t it? We have not started to mess with it yet, as it is still very recent in our team, but as soon as we have more news I will share with you all the work.

Soon as possible we will show you more images and some videos that will come from this our new member.

I hope you enjoy it and that you continue to follow us as always.


Well, I do not even know where to start.

After sharing, I think you’ll understand I’m saying. 

FORD FIESTA ST 180, is the theme of this journey throught wich the company ALL STAR MOTORSPORT part in sharing all ours daily effort so that the costumer has the best experience with any type of product that we end up sharing.

So this all started one afternoon when the Marketing team came together to hold a small demonstration of our cars, equipped with various branded products.

I leave then some photos and a video to feel our trip with our FORD FIESTA 180.